(Monthly tuition reflect a $10-$35/mo. discount.)

Half hour:         $35.00     monthly fee is $130.   (includes $10 discount; $130 over school year)
45 minutes:      $45.00     monthly fee is $165.  (includes $15 discount; $150 over school year)
One Hour:         $60.00     monthly fee is $220.  (includes $20 discount; $200 over school year)

Tuition is always for a four-week period, and it is (in part) for the time that has been reserved.

Three or five week months for any lesson day are all evened out during the year, shown on your schedule.

Weekend lessons are not discounted and are as available, typically scheduled for working adults.

Our Spring concert is counted as a lesson, and the same re: a Christmas concert if held this year. TBA.

Please note lesson payment requirements. Monthly tuition is due prior or by the first lesson of any month. Bran new students can pay at their first lesson for whatever time is left the month they are starting.

Methods of payment: Cash, Check, or Bill Pay. No credit cards.

Check (written to me, not MBH) or cash paid LATEST by the 3rd of any given month, no matter what day the first lesson falls on. Paying at the last lesson for the next month is also an option; checks can be dated for the first of the upcoming month.

Bill Pay (continuing after the first month) eliminates the common issue of forgotten payments. Anything extra like music books would still be handled at the studio. It is easy to start, stop or change amounts. 

Students taking lessons planned one week at a time (this is outside of after school hours) pay the regular full fee at time of lesson.

There is no prorating for missed lessons except for new students beginning at other than the first week of the month they start.

If I am raising tuition, it is done either at the beginning of the school year, or in January and never more than $10 increase for the full month. If you have recently (within 3 months) begun at the previous rate, you will pay that for another 3 months from the time you started before any adjustment is made.

Note: current tuition indicated will remain through June 2018.

The first lesson is always an hour ($60) to sufficiently start on many basics. This includes getting familiar with parts of the instrument, general care, and fitting the violin correctly. The importance of a comfortable chin rest and shoulder rest will be discussed while each student is personally fitted and shown how to hold their instrument free of tension. There is a lot of information given and correct physical set up done at this time.

Young students continue with half hour lessons; older students the same or longer as appropriate.

All students receive the benefit of 2 professions at Musician by Heart; playing the violin/fiddle and learning several enjoyable Brain Gym® activities over time which make learning anything much easier! 

Please see Studio Info for cancellation policies, scheduling information and more.

Violin rentals (as available) are at a very reasonable $15.00/month. I hand out a simple rental agreement at the first lesson. If I do not have the size your need, I can refer excellent resources.

Please note...it is generally advisable not to buy a violin until you speak to a teacher first. The quality of an instrument, although not needing to be exceptional, does affect a student’s ability to learn. Your teacher is your best help and resource for that decision.


                                                     ***Please call or email for scheduling***

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