Please read this page carefully!

Tuition is paid monthly; as a 4 week period, and is due latest by the 3rd of the month. This has a discounted rate.

Lessons paid individually are primarily reserved for working adults with a morning lesson schedule, although they may also take advantage of the monthly rate. 

For the month scheduling, three or five week months for any lesson day are all evened out during the Sept through June school year. This is indicated on everyone's printed schedule given at the start of the school year, or whenever a new student begins lessons at MBH.

The Spring concert counts towards a lesson due to the many extra hours that go into planning and organizing the event and is included in anyone's discounted fee.  

Musician By Heart will take the same or close to the holiday time off during December and March that coincides with the Beaverton School district Winter and Spring breaks.    

The studio will be closed for these major holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and Christmas, which includes the last week of Dec. The Studio is NOT closed for the other various holidays such as President’s Day, MLK day, school service days or budget closures. Ask me if you are not sure about a particular day!

  • 2018 Christmas holiday break is Dec. 22 through New Year's.
  • 2018 Studio Spring Term ends: June 22nd.     
  • 2018 Summer: Schedule TBA ... and studio is at least closed the last week in June through the first week in July, and the last week in August.

    Tuition and cancellation policies.

    The month tuition is a discounted fee. With this, students are receiving the equivalent of 3 and 1/2 free lessons per school year, or $200 discount, if all lessons are taken. Everyone paying by the month receives this discount and in effect, missed ones are made up that way. You don't pay full single lesson fees, and I don't need to frequently adjust a full schedule. If you don't miss any, you still get the discounted fee. The discounted fee also makes up for the rare weather (ice, bad storm) type of cancellation. As of January 2018, I am also including one missed lesson day due to emergency/illness of my own in that discount. I will make up or credit anything missed by me beyond that. I also do not require 6 -10 months tuition in advance as do a few studios. It is month to month.

    Therefore; no make ups, fee reductions or extra time tacked on. Thank you!

    Tuition (to review those differences.)

  • Monthly lesson day or time changes: happy to accommodate if available. 
  • Payment: I accept cash, personal check or PayPal.   
  • All payments need to be in by the first lesson of any month that will occur by the 3rd of the month. May be paid at the last lesson of the previous month; checks can be dated for the first of that coming month. Some first lessons are on the 4th or later of a month; payment is due before then.  

Auditions for MYS and PYP (youth orchestras) are generally scheduled several times a year. Students who are interested will be prepared for those and other audition opportunities.

        ***Please call or email for current scheduling***

diane @  503-430-8758
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Thank you!