Links and Resources

Here are some additional places and related links that are informative, inspiring or just plain fun!

Local music store for tuners, stands, etc - very near the studio:
Aloha Music, 503-591-8258 185th and TV Highway

The Anatomy of a Violin: all the parts, etc.
Brain Gym®   Site for Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym
Thumbtack   This link goes to my page in a great site for more local services of all kinds!
Allegro Violins    local rental and purchase    lots of interesting blogs...everything violin!
S and A Irish Entertainment
  Irish playing around town
Sheet Music    when you have to get that part!  
Free Sheet Music!   love fiddle tunes? Great place for it!
Useful information   about your violin, of course!
   in case the dog ate yours!
Rosin   what is that stuff?

What about the Bow?

Were you practicing? This kitten wants to play!!