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Aloha/Hillsboro/Beaverton 503-430-8758

My name is Diane Lovejoy and I offer private violin lessons for students ages 7 and up. Adult students are welcome too, and make up at least half of my studio.

A Spring group concert is performed at one of the local Assisted Living Homes and over the years many students have enjoyed participating in the various local youth orchestras. 

I am happy to offer Mark O'Connor's Violin Method to the MBH studio experience. The American Method of String Playing is exciting and varied in approach to ear training and repertoire. I know many Suzuki teachers who are starting to include what is aptly referred to as American Classical Music into their programs. I would add that it is a long overdue direction in developing well rounded musicians in the "classical" world! Please see The Music for more information.

I also offer a very unique learning tool known as BrainGym®. At Musician By Heart, all students can benefit from a few fun and simple activities which help to pull it all together, so that lessons and home practice are times to enjoy and be moving forward.

Because I am so often asked if I teach a traditional method or Suzuki, the honest answer here is that there is no single "traditional method." Nor is there even really a singular "Suzuki Method." How the books are presented in group or private lessons is as individual as any teacher is. When it was introduced decades ago the system offered a wonderful venue that indeed became a "method." Now, the options and flexibility for teaching this wonderful instrument (and others!) are many and varied - and they need to be.    

It's more about the teacher, their experience, their love for what they do - and being a good fit for the individual student - and less about a singular method!

So wherever you go, enjoy the adventure!

Serving Beaverton/Aloha/Hillsboro/Forest Grove/Bethany/Raleigh Hills. 

The studio is located in Aloha, just minutes south of the
Tanasbourne shopping area and close to TV Hwy.

Please email first; response same day or next.