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Aloha/Hillsboro/Beaverton 503-430-8758

My name is Diane Lovejoy and I offer private violin lessons for students ages 7 and up. Adult students are welcome too, and make up at least half of my studio.

Over the years many of my students have enjoyed participating in the various Portland based youth orchestras, and MBH has given many local performances at Assisted Living Homes and other venues.

Along with a strong classical foundation I offer traditional fiddle music to the MBH studio experience. Among the many composer/musicians whom I have worked with are fiddle champions Jeanine Orme, and Mark O'Conner, who have contributed wonderful scores and arrangements of traditional music. 

I also offer a very unique learning tool known as BrainGym®. At Musician By Heart, all students can benefit from a few fun and simple activities which help to pull it all together, so that lessons and home practice are times to enjoy and be moving forward.

Because I am so often asked if I teach a traditional method or Suzuki, the honest answer here is that there is no single "traditional method." Nor is there even really a singular "Suzuki Method." How the books are presented in group or private lessons is as individual as any teacher is. When it was introduced decades ago the system offered a wonderful venue that indeed became a "method." Now, the options and flexibility for teaching this wonderful instrument (and others!) are many and varied - and they need to be.    

It's more about the teacher, their experience, their love for what they do - and being a good fit for the individual student - and less about a singular method!

So wherever you go, enjoy the adventure!

Serving Beaverton/Aloha/Hillsboro/Forest Grove/Bethany/Raleigh Hills. 

The studio is located in Aloha, just minutes south of the
Tanasbourne shopping area and close to TV Hwy.

Please email first; response same day or next.